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25 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014

Tel: 212 974 8758 Fax: 212 265 5793

9 am – 3 pm / Monday – Friday

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1076 Bay Ridge Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11219

Tel: 718 234 7705

9 am – 3 pm / Wednesday to Friday

5 Seminary Avenue

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Tel: 914 375 3055

9 am – 3 pm / Monday to Wednesday
Jersey City

380 Monmouth Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Tel: 201 963 6332

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3800 Division Street

Stone Park, IL 60165

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29 thoughts on “Contact

      • My husband passed away 9 years ago and since then I have been waiting for my pension. Can someone please help me or to give me the phone number in Italy where I can have an update?
        Thank you


      • Dear Mrs Lepe, on May 2017 you called our office asking us to get information from INPS regarding your widow’s pension claim: we don’t now were or when you filed it. We wrote to INPS on May 23 2017, no answer was never received. Do you have any receipt? I think that the claim is lost, probably you should file a new one.


    • Buon Giorno sono residente in Florida sardi interessata ad avere informazioni riguardo all apertura di un Patronato Acli qui in South Florida, dove posso trovare maggiori informazioni a riguardo?


  1. Hello My father was collecting a pension from Italy but ever since he moved in with me (from bklyn to nj) he hasnt been able to retrieve it. Where can I take him (in nj) to collect his pension? Thank you!


  2. My friend who’s 93 years old received the papers to fill out, last year we went to Citibank and the manager did the papers but now I don’t see Citibank’s logo, where do I bring the lady to show that she’s alive and well. Every year I get sick sick of these papers, please answer by email as I have called left a message but no one calls back
    Thank you Maria Riccardi


    • The papers received most likely are the request from INPS of your friend’s income for here 2016: please get in contact with our office calling 212 974-8758.
      The proof of life will be sent at the end of February 2018


  3. I have sent you requested info and have not heard back …I call during your posted hours no one picks up….please help! THis is for my motherinlaw ….Teresa


  4. I have been calling and filling out forms to have my mothers pension reinstated , she stop receiving her pension in September of 2017 , my mother is 100 years old and in a nursing home I need your support and the only response I receive is that the request is in process
    her name is Olga Manunta Defilippi . Can someone help me.
    Thank you Wanda Frezza


  5. Salve, ho bisogno di un documento chiamato CERTIFICATE OF NONEXISTENCE OF RECORDS, da presentare in Italia, quindi con apostille e tradotto al italiano. Di mio avo emigrato nei primi ‘900. sposato a Connecticut e dove sono nati i suoi 3 figli. dopo rientrati in Italia nel 1921. Vorrei informazione di come conseguire quel certificato. oppure se voi vi occupate anche di questo. grazie.


  6. Salve vorrei avere informazioni al riguardo della pensione, ho contributi in Italia, Olanda, Germania e USA (qualcosa anche in UK), sono ancora molto lontano dalla pensione, ma vorrei sapere come fare per non perdere i contributi dati che sono , specialmente in Italia e Germania, molto consistenti.
    Grazie mille!


  7. My sister contacted INPS in Palermo and was told that my mom’s pension was issued on Dec. 1st, my mom has received no notification of this. I spoke to Citibank who is supposed to manage these pensions in the US on behalf of INPS and they require either a Pension ID or numero di certificato in order to proceed with the inquiry on what happened to her pension. I was told to contact the patronato for this info, please advise on how to proceed. Thanks


  8. Hi ,
    I have a dear Italian friend who lives in Cuba with his wife who is due to come to the US in early May. What are the steps she has to do to be in order with a tourist visa?


  9. Buongiorno, sono a Los Angeles e ho lavorato in Italia (9 anni + 1 come ufficiale di complement), Inghilterra (6 anni) e Stati Uniti (22 anni) … volevo delle informazioni sulla pensione … ho visto che non avete uffici in California e mi chiedevo quale ufficio posso contattare … Grazie


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